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Charles Acker ~ 1918-2007

Charles Acker was an Artist, Educator, Patriot and family man. Having no formal training, the self-taught artist utilized his talent and creativity to learn as much as possible on his own. As a boy he consistently practiced, researched and read as much as possible to create a magnificent lifetime of mastery in his profession. 

As a Jr. High School student at Hutchins, he was featured in Detroit Newspapers and termed "The Boy Genius."

When he began college, he was drafted into the U.S. Army. Charles was a Veteran of World War II, where he served four years within Europe. As a Sergeant, he used his artistic talents by working as a cartographer (mapmaker), and has a collection of graphic sketches from the trenches.

Charles worked 42 years as an Art Teacher in the Detroit Public School System. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Education from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan; subsequently pursuing his education further to receive his Master's Degree in School Administration.

Charles Acker's collection includes over 1,500 original and "spectacular works of art." His sculptures and various works of art earned him numerous awards during his 89 years of life. Historical illustration is what Charles favored. He illustrated several books during his lifetime. His collection includes many pictures of the military with details of period uniforms, horses, Native American Indians, among other varieties. He enjoyed using a wide array of medium from watercolor to colored pencils and ink, but the remarkable details in his artwork show how he creatively blended them to stand out in his "lifelike" pictures. 

Mr. Acker lived most of his life in Detroit, Michigan. His wife Marjorie Mitshkun passed in 1966; the mother of their three daughters, Sandra, Betty and Deborah. 


charles was titled "the boy genius" by the detroit news!

As a Hutchins Jr. High student, Charles was titled the "Boy Genius" by the Detroit News


As a proud WWII U.S. Army Sergeant, he was a cartographer stationed in France, Belgium & England. He loved the U.S.A. and his family. His favorite hobbies were playing baseball, volleyball and creating amazing artwork! After retiring from Pershing High School as an Art Teacher, he preferred a quiet life; spending most of his free time in his art studio, continuing to design more beautiful pictures.


Charles and his wife Marjorie met as camp counselors for Fresh Air Camp. Both Wayne State University graduates, he became an Art Teacher and she became a Physical Education and First Grade Teacher for Detroit Public Schools. The couple became proud parents of three daughters and six grandchildren.



A lifetime of creating & teaching


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