Charles Acker Professional Artist & Educator

Professional Artist Charles Acker was a retired art teacher who served 42 years in the Detroit Public School System. Mr. Acker earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Wayne State University, followed by his Master’s Degree in School Administration. Mr. Acker taught at various schools during his career including several Jr. High Schools, adult education evening programs, Southeastern High School, and lastly retiring from Pershing High School.

Charles Acker was also a Veteran of World War II; as a Sergeant he used his artistic talents by working as a cartographer (mapmaker), where he served four years in the Military throughout Europe.

Charles Acker’s collection includes over 1,500 original and spectacular works of art! As a child he was featured in Detroit Newspapers and termed “the boy genius.” His sculptures and various works of art earned him numerous awards during his 88 years of life. Historical illustration is what Charles favored. He illustrated several books during his lifetime. His collection includes many pictures of the military with details of period uniforms, horses, American Indians, and many more. He enjoyed using a wide array of medium from water color to colored pencils, but the remarkable details in his artwork is what stands out in his “lifelike” pictures. Mr. Charles Acker lived most of his life in Detroit, Michigan and resided with his daughter and son in-law in Macomb Township until his passing in January 2007. His first wife Marjorie Mitshkun and mother of his three grown children; Sandra, Betty and Deborah, passed away in 1966. He remarried in 1970 to Mercedes Roush and she recently passed away. He leaves six grandchildren.